Looking to rent small office – home office (SOHO)

Take note that there is no zoning law in Myanmar. It is perfectly legal to rent an apartment and convert it to an office cum home. You can use the residential address as your company’s registered address as well with the Company Registrar here in Myanmar. A Small Office Home Office (SOHO) is a cost effective way to lower the cost of your operation in Yangon – given the high rental and the worsening traffic situation.

Furthermore taxi is over abundant and cheap in Yangon and with Grab, Oway & Hello fighting for market share in Yangon – you will be spoiled for choice as a taxi is just 5 mins away when you click the button on your apps. As parking lots are scarce and expensive in the downtown area – if you only need a small office in Yangon and you do not need to have a parking lot – then you will have a lot of options in downtown Yangon.

During the monsoon season from June to October – you will be so thankful that you do not have to commute 1 to 2 hours each day to work in the heavy rain.

It is estimated that you need to spend at least USD 31,000 in your first year setting up operations in Myanmar. Is the risk too high? Are you looking for a lower risk way to enter the Myanmar market? Learn more about how our Market Entry Lite Strategy can help you lower the risk of entering the Myanmar market by clicking here.

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