Market Entry Lite Strategy

Market Entry Lite Strategy

Is the market entry risk too high?


Why pay up to USD 31,000 in upfront investment in the first year of entering the Myanmar market when you are still not sure about your revenue stability?

Table – Estimated First Year Entry Cost into Myanmar

We can help to reduce your risk by proposing a much less costly way of entering the Myanmar market. We call it a market entry lite strategy.

You have 2 options:

  1. Put your Sales Manager under our payroll to develop the market for you
  2. Hire a Marketing Coordinator from us to liaise with your existing distributor or agent

In the 1st option you hire a Sales Manager in Yangon whose job is to do business development and market development exclusively for you and put this person on our payroll.The Sales Manager still reports to you but the payroll and admin are handled by us.

In the 2nd option what you need is just Marketing Co-ordination support – someone who can work for you for X number of hours per week, who is bilingual and able to liaise with your distributor or agent; and do some information verification for you in the Myanmar market. The calibre of the candidate is lower than the first.

We will provide the office space which is basically a work desk, Wi-Fi, water cooler and a supportive office environment. Our MD Mr Andrew Tan used to be the Regional Marketing Manager for Black & Decker Power Tools, DIY and Garden Products as well as the Regional Marketing Director for Siemens Mobile Phone – so he is able to guide your staff in terms of both B2B and B2C marketing in Myanmar in the initial stage. You only need provide your staff with a laptop, mobile phone, product training and sales objectives.

You can see who our Managing Director  Mr Andrew Tan is by clicking here. You can see our client list by clicking here.

After the first year, once you have established your sales channel then you decide if you want to proceed further to setup a company in Myanmar, to appoint a distributor or to continue to operate with just one staff  in Myanmar i.e. no change.

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A Myanmar registered company is registered under the Myanmar Companies Act and is a legal entity in Myanmar.