Market Entry Strategy

Have you wondered if the business model that you are using in other emerging markets such as China, Vietnam or Indonesia – can be applied in Myanmar?

We can help you to answer some very fundamental questions such as:

  1. Can you operate legally in Myanmar
    • as a 100% foreign-owned company based on your current business model?
    • what are the limitations imposed by the law
  2. If the answer to 1) above is no, then can you operate legally via
    • a JV with a local Myanmar business partner?
    • what are the limitations imposed by the law
  3. If the answer to 2) above is yes, then
    • what sort of qualities must the local Myanmar partner have in order to be able to add-value to your operation?
    • what is the maximum share you can hold in the JV as a foreigner?
    • which government ministry do you need to get approval from in order to operate your business?
  4. If the answer to 2) above is no, then can you operate legally
    • as a 100% foreign-owned Service Company or Representative Office while appointing local Myanmar agents to handle the day-to-day executions of the business
    • what are the limitations imposed by the law
  5. Who are the competitors that are currently operating in this space?
    • What is their business model?
    • Who are their customers?
  6. What are the possible market segments that you can target?

There is a saying “look before you leap”. We can help you to do just that before you sink your time and money into Myanmar.

Some fallacies that we helped clients to dispel via our on-the-ground research are:

  1. In the security and risk management business you need to partner a senior person from the Myanmar military or ex-military in order to be able to operate successfully in Myanmar. We found that actually most locally owned security agencies do not want to have military or ex-military as shareholders as in the new Myanmar it is a liability when pitching for new business from Coca Cola, Carlsberg, Telenor, Ooredoo, P&G, Unilever, Total, Chevron, etc; from most listed companies from the West as they have Corporate & Social Responsibility Guidelines to follow; from the growing number of foreign embassies, trade offices, business associations or not-for-profit international agencies; even Myanmar garment manufacturers that want to export their garments to major Western retailers such as H&M or GAP need to sign compliance undertaking that they have no dealing with the military! It makes more sense to hire senior ex-military officers to be managers or supervisors then to have them as shareholders. What you want is the knowledge and operational experience that the ex-military brings but not the burden and liabilities that they bring if they are one of your shareholders.
  2. You can make money by being the sole distributor of branded consumer electronics products imported into Myanmar. The reality is that consumer electronics products often comes through the porous border of Myanmar without attracting any duty. The sole distributor often find that the same products that they have a target commitment to deliver are being sold much cheaper by parallel importers who are not paying duty by shipping through the border.

To evaluate the various segments of the market that you could possibly enter base on your competencies you can do a Custom Market Entry Strategy Research. You can see a sample report at page “Actual Sample of Client Report”. Click here to go to page.

If you think that it is prudent to spend a $1,000 to ensure that $100,000 is well invested then fill up the form below:

Please let us have an understanding of the scale and size of your operations in these countries. For example information like years of operation in each country, number of employees, sales for the last financial year, etc.
Please provide information such as Product (are you going to manufacture, assemble, import into Myanmar,etc); Distribution (via own sales force, distributors, commission agent, etc); Pricing (price 10% below market leader, 10% above market leader, etc), Promotion (should you advertise on TV, radio, outdoor,etc).
Example who are the likely competitors (name or brand) in this space; what are the characteristics of the dealers of your products or the type of retail shops that carry your products; etc.


We respond to all forms received during office hours within 2 hours.