Market Promotion Services

You may want to consider our market promotion services after your company has been setup. We have been operating in Myanmar since 2013. As we provide a lot of free business information on doing business in Myanmar – our website is the Number 1 business website in Myanmar i.e. you cannot do keyword search on any business topics regarding Myanmar on Google Search without coming to our website. Each day we get more than 2,000 unique visitors to our website looking for tender information, legal updates and business news.

We are also the only business consulting company in Myanmar to provider real-time tender news (from government ministries, World Bank, IMF, JICA, etc) and business networking news from the various chambers of commerce for free. Any netizen can subscribe the tender alert by subscribing to our tender newsletter on our website. As we have been providing this free high-quality service for the last 5 years – almost all net savvy business people in Myanmar are on our mailing list. To date we have more than 2,000 emails of business people who subscribe to our newsletter and are active on our website.

For example, Keppel Land is our client and we are on retainer to help them promote their KLOUD Service Office via our website. See

How we work with you:

We will do a profile page of your company and its business and service on our website. After that we will send out a direct mail to all our subscribers to see how many people are interested.

See example:

1) Helping a UK Steel Door Manufacturer to look for partner in Myanmar

2) Helping a Singapore Industrial Fan Manufacturer to look for partner in Myanmar

3) Helping Singapore’s Luxury Jeweller & Gift Brand RISIS to look for partner in Myanmar

4) Helping a US Investment & Immigration Consultant to look for High Net-worth Individuals that have at least USD 0.5 mil in discretionary investment spending, who wants a Green Card for themselves and their family. 

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Normally within 1 week we will be able to give you an indication of how many business people in Myanmar are interested in your offer. We will do an initial screening and arrange for you to meet up with the interested party.