Myanmar business opportunity

Investment Opportunities

Investors that invest in activities that create jobs, upgrade the technology &/or productivity of Myanmar industry will enjoy benefits such as 3 to 7  years tax holiday and long term lease on property. Depending on the activities that you invest in foreign investors may be required to JV with local Myanmar citizen. Minimum investment capital required for manufacturing is USD 100,000 if you want to obtain an Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) licence.

To see  what are the benefits of investing in Myanmar and what are the sectors that are promoted by the MIC click here

As a foreigner you can setup a limited liability private company and own it 100% without having to JV with a Myanmar citizen as long as the nature of the business is service (i.e. skill based) in nature and does not require a long-term import licence (however, you are able to import the necessary tools/equipment of trade for your service business when you start the busiess). There is also no requirement to have a minimum paid up capital. Example of a service trade that a foreigner can own 100% would be running a restaurant; an IT, design or engineering consultancy company. For other trade you may have to JV with Myanmar citizen in order to be able to engage in that trade.

The above are just some of the areas that you can explore. Myanmar now is like China in the 1980s – everything look old, grey and crumbling and everything need to be build anew. For more information – please visit the following sections on our website:

  • Tender and Award section and SEARCH* for more information on the type of tenders that are frequently called by the government ministries in Myanmar and which foreign companies have won the past tenders.
  • Looking for Business Partner section for local Myanmar company that are looking for foreign business partners who can inject technology, know how and capital into their business.
  • Company Incorporation section to submit a draft proposal of your company incorporation and to get our comments.

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To evaluate the various segments of the market that you could possibly enter base on your competencies you can do a Custom Market Entry Strategy Research. You can see a sample report at page “Actual Sample of Client Report”. Click here to go to page.