Pre-Employment Job Testing

Due to the broken education system here in Myanmar you are faced with the following challenges when you want to hire qualified candidates for the following job positions:

  • Accountants & Bookkeepers with all kinds of ACCA and LCCI certifications – only to find a year later during the audit that the bookkeeper do not understand simple Debit & Credit entry into the ledger and how to properly classify transactions.
  • Lawyers with all kinds of LLB degrees – only to find that they do not understand contract or company law.
  • Marketing Executives with all kinds of English 4 Skills and MS Word & Excel certificates – only to find that they have problem writing grammatically correct English and have problem even doing simple English to Burmese translation on MS Word and worst of all they have problem communicating with clients on email.
  • Sales Managers with all kinds of testimonials from previous employers about their work attitude, competency and MS Office skills certification – only to find that they have problem doing simple sales quotation on MS Word, doing simple sales forecast on MS Excel or are totally unable to control the Sales Executives under their charge.

We are a leading business consultancy service that has been in Myanmar since 2013. We have many experiences dealing with HR Recruitment issues due to our own need to recruit and hire skilled labour and yet not overpay on the salary.

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