Pristine US Dollar Bill

Take note that in Myanmar only new US Dollar bills that are in pristine condition are accepted by banks, money changers and most businesses. As Myanmar imports more than it exports and most trade are priced in US Dollar – there is great demand for US Dollar in this country.

If your US Dollar bill has the following “defects” it will be rejected:

  • Stained and dirty note, note that has writing on it or is torn.
  • Crease, fold or dog-ear in it. How to test? Just do a visual quick test. Are there even 1 fold, crease or dog ear on the note?  To be doubly sure – hold the dollar note horizontally between your thumb and first finger and run your fingers over the top half and bottom half of the note. If you feel even a crease in it – it will be rejected.

The alternative to US Dollar is to get Singapore Dollar as the money changers, banks and businesses are less stringent about its condition.