Private School Education Service

Under MIC Notification 7/2018 it is clearly stated that foreigner can run a subject-based school e.g. Montessori school for young children, hospitality school for hotel and catering business, international school that follows International Baccalaureate system,  business school following certain overseas university’s curriculum, etc  where there are set curriculum, exam and certification that are recognized internationally.

To apply to the MIC for approval to run a private school an investor needs to provide the following info:

  1. Type of Certificate, Qualification, Diploma, Bachelor Degree to be offered
  2. Sample of Certificate, Qualification, Diploma and Bachelor Degree to be Offered
  3. Type of Syllabus and Course content according to which International Syllabus or Education System
  4. The qualifications, certified documents and experiences in teaching according to the subject and brief biography of the private school teacher
  5. Nationality of the teacher
  6. Commitment of having adequate number of teachers and administration staff of a private school;