Reference Check

Reference Check on job applicants or Checking on Testimonials issued by our company.

If you want to check on the background of a job applicants who claim to be our ex-employees or interns please send us:

  • a scan copy of his or her testimonial issued by our firm on our company letterhead*
  • a scan copy of the applicant passport (foreigners) or national registration card (if Burmese)
  • section of the resume or application letter where our company is mentioned and the job experiences or work mentioned

to email referencecheck(at)consult-myanmar(dot)com

Take note that we do not accept PDF document send to this email due to the prevalence of malware and viruses that are being spread through PDF attachments. Any email that has PDF attachments will automatically be deleted.

*NB: All employees & interns that completed their contract with us successfully get a testimonial from our company that is signed by our MD.