Repatriation of Profit or Dividend

In general investors can remit profit out of the country after tax has been paid.

If the company is not a Myanmar Investment Company (MIC) company, the bank can make the decision to remit upon receipt of the document in column “A”

If the company is an MIC company, then the document in column “B” need to be submitted to Department of Investment and Company Administration (DICA).


Type of CompanyNon-MICMIC
Who can approveYour BankDICA
Company Cover LetterYesYes
BOD ResolutionYesYes
Audit Firm ReportYesYes
Company Registration CardYesYes
Form VI and XXVIYesYes
Company Tax SlipYesYes
Form 13*NoMaybe

* Form 13 is required if DICA felt that it is prudent to get the Central Bank recommendation.

To get a copy of Form 13 please click here.