Appoint a Marketing Agent in Myanmar

If you do not want to have the fix recurring cost of establishing a legal entity in Myanmar then you can appoint our firm as your marketing agent for a fix annual fee. We will allocate a staff to handle your business in Myanmar.

Role of Marketing Agent

  • To be the point of contact for the client with regards to all agreed upon work to be carried out in Myanmar
  • To provide market intelligence via desktop research, news monitoring and phone calls; and talking to channel participants (agreed upon in advance with client).
  • To contact agreed upon list of prospects that are relevant to the client’s business and to provide reports based on agreed upon matrix with client.
  • To collect sales order (if required by client) and pass on to client for processing.
  • To check on the marketing activities of agreed upon competitors and to provide monthly report in format that is agreed upon in advance with client.
  • To liaise with import agent and freight forwarding company operating in Myanmar on behalf of client.

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