Myanma watermelon to extend foreign market to the UAE, Qatar and Singapore

The largest part of people is residing in the rural areas in Myanmar relying entirely on agriculture as their major profession. The more the agriculture sector develops, the more the socio-economic life of rural people makes progress. Only if the rural area develops can Myanmar be improved. The residents in the rural area make up […]

Second shipment of Myanma avocado to England planned in Jan 2021

Two avocado varieties originated in Myanmar will be delivered to England again in January 2021, Myanmar Avocado Producers and Exporters Association stated. “Myanma avocado is sent to the neighbouring countries China and Thailand through the land border. Additionally, they have been shipped to England on a trial basis and reaped fruitful results. That’s why we […]

Avocado growers urged to pick pedigree plants amid high demand

Myanmar’s avocado has market potential in European countries, and so, Myanmar Avocado Producers and Exporters Association urged the growers to expand the cultivation with the pedigree plants only. A half tonne of Myanmar’s avocado produced by grafted avocado trees was sent to England on a trial basis and it gave good feedback. Now, Germany and […]

UK opens door to Myanmar avocado

Myanmar has successfully delivered avocado to the UK’s market on trial, according to the press statement issued by the Embassy of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar in London on 14 November.Amara Variety (local variety), Hass and Buccaneer varieties were placed on the UK’s market in the previous week, under the programme of Myanmar […]

Myanmar avocado exported to Britain: London embassy

Half a tonne of avocado pears have been exported to the UK by air, ac cording to an announcement by the Myanmar embassy in London. The exported avocados are of three varieties – Amara (local variety), Hass and Buccaneer. The Myanmar Fruits and Vegetables Producer and Exporter Association (MFVP) was connected to the British Chamber […]

Myanmar’s poorest state beckons investors

CHIN state’s underdeveloped infrastructure presents great opportunities for domestic and foreign investors if they do their homework, says a report that looks into business prospects in Myanmar’s poorest region. Min Zaw Oo, director of Chin State at the Directorate of Investment and Company Administration, said investors should not hesitate to invest in Chin state where […]

GAP system encouraged for export in Myanmar

The department of agriculture is implementing growing of vegetables and culinary crops such as rice, beans, pulses and corn using a Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) system in some States and Regions which could help Myanmar’s agricultural industry better access export markets. Coffee grown with the GAP system enters international market successfully. In order to export […]