Environment ministry may resume teak production in ’18

The Ministry of Resources and Environmental Conservation hopes to resume teak production from an agricultural estate planted by the Forestry Department this year. A workshop to assess the situation of teak plantations that are 30 years or older was held in Nay Pyi Taw on Sunday. “We first tested teak production in 2012-13. We didn’t […]

Skin cure fad driving Myanmar elephant poaching surge: WWF

YANGON: Myanmar’s wild elephants are being poached in record numbers with at least 20 killed this year due to surging demand for their hide, WWF said Monday, warning the species is facing a “crisis”. Hunters are increasingly targeting mothers and calves, using poisoned arrows to inflict a slow and agonising death before stripping them of […]

China’s climate aid flows into Myanmar

Than Bayar Khon village sits nested in the foothills of the Bago Yoma forest in central Myanmar. The low mountains, once heavily forested with teak and valuable tropical timbers, are now rapidly balding. Despite being only a few kilometres from the major highway connecting the port city of Yangon with the capital Naypyidaw, the three […]

Ban on Logging to Be Lifted Next Year

The temporary suspension of logging in Myanmar’s forested areas is set to be lifted in April, with production next financial year to resume at reduced levels, according to Myanma Timber Enterprise deputy director U Aye Cho Thaung. There are about 19,000 teak trees and 530,000 hardwood trees for potential logging next fiscal year, he said. […]

Logging suspended along Bago Yoma for 10 years

Logging in Myanmar has ceased for this financial year with logging along the Bago Yoma mountain range ceasing for the next ten years, according to the Department of Forestry that operates under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation. The Department of Forestry has stated that as of 2015 the mountain range is 26 […]

Timber extraction suspended nationally for remainder of year

THE Myanmar Timber Enterprise has suspended timber extraction for the remainder of this financial year throughout the country, it has been learned. As for Bago Yoma, timber extraction will be suspended over a 10-year period due to the fact that Bago Yoma has experienced the worst rates of deforestation in Myanmar. In order for the […]