In Myanmar, Betel Quid Chewing Remains Popular Despite Risks

YANGON, MYANMAR – Wai Htet Aung, age 27, waits for his turn at a crowded betel quid stand in downtown Yangon. Customers have lined up by the table to place their orders. “It’s tasty,” he says. “I have bad breath and I want my mouth to smell better.” The signs of this popular habit are […]

Cigarettes and betel nut – barriers to hospital cleanliness

Daw Cherry Kyaw has been a cleaner at the Yangon General Hospital for nine years. She takes care of the stairwell and entryways of the main building. She cleans the stairs at 8am and 1pm every day and quietly complains of having to clear the floor of cigarette butts and betel spittle. It should take […]

Clampdown catches Mon betel traders

Betel nut wholesalers in Mon State’s Ye township said a number of government departments are checking their bonafides with a crackdown on illegal imports from Thailand. “Authorities at checkpoints entering Bago Region cannot tell our betel nuts and Thailand’s nuts apart, so they are stopping our trucks and delaying our trade,” said wholesaler U Aung […]