KBZ CIO talks connectivity

Myanmar’s mobile rollout has connected millions to the internet for the first time – but it has not been without growing pains, especially in the form of outages and sometimes spotty service. Stephane Lamoureux, chief executive officer of KBZ Gateway, spoke to The Myanmar Times about the physical and regulatory challenges facing the country’s telecoms industry, as well as […]

Gateway guidelines to boost telecoms

The government has released draft guidelines on international gateway services – which connect the networks of different countries – in a move industry officials say will help boost competition and lower prices in Myanmar’s telecoms market. After a banner year for mobile communication in Myanmar, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) is tackling […]

New international cable company MYTHIC to compete with MPT

A new cable company has promised to establish the market price for international connectivity in Myanmar by laying its own cable, according to its founder and CEO U Myo Myint Ohn. Campana Group, based in Singapore with a Yangon subsidiary, will deliver international connectivity, a reliable submarine network and massive capacity at an economical price, […]