Old car’s price doubled after suspension of auto factories

THE auto factories suspended their operations in the country and the car transactions were robust again, according to the dealers. More than dozens of automobile companies including Suzuki, Nissan, KIA, Hyundai and Ford suspended their productions recently. “The existing cars in the market see good transactions. For some restrictions in imports, the car prices become […]

Yangon regional government weighing policies to control traffic

The Yangon regional government is currently weighing a car import policy for the region and will announce its decision in due course, U Myint Thaung, regional planning and finance minister, said last week. Policies including permits for individual car importing are now being discussed with Yangon’s chronic traffic problems in mind. The number of vehicles […]

Gridlock forces new car policies

New car import policies are being considered as the number of vehicles competing for space on Yangon’s archaic road network threatens to get out of hand. The chief of the Yangon Region Government’s car parking analysis group, U Myint Cho, said that urgent action is needed and that the supervisory committee will reconsider existing rules. […]