Telecoms companies take on landmines

As mobile telecoms operators extend their rollout into conflict and post-conflict areas, they will come up against a formidable challenge – navigating the risk of landmines. Tower companies employed by Telenor, Ooredoo and Myanma Posts and Telecommunications (MPT) will become the first private firms to build such infrastructure in areas fought over in some of […]

Ooredoo near to covering all of Yangon

Ooredoo’s coverage now extends to 95 percent of Yangon city, Ooredoo Myanmar CEO Ross Cormack announced at a press conference on October 29. Though a few trouble spots still exist, the company has been working to augment coverage by putting up rooftops and towers, Mr Cormack said. “We have still work to do in Parami […]

Ooredoo slashes data charges on PAYG

Ooredoo is making getting online less costly for its Pay As You Go customers, the company announced at an August 30 press event. Starting 6am on August 31, the Qatari telecom will charge Pay As You Go users KY 10 per megabyte, down from KY25 per megabyte. The 30-day promotion, which begins for customers when […]