Japan to grant US$40m to upgrade circular-train system

Japan will grant US$40 million to upgrade the Yangon’s circular-train system using the Control Centre System, according to the officials from the Ministry of Rail Transportation. The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), which conducted a feasibility study, recommended setting up a Control Centre System for the circular train. “An MOU has already been signed with […]

Japan to boost Yangon’s circular train sector

Japan will play a significant role in aiding the Myanmar government’s efforts at improving its circular train sector, which is essential to Yangon’s future transportation and the potential easing of traffic congestion. The population of Yangon is nearly six million people, but more than 100,000 people (about three per cent of the population) rely on […]

Myanmar plans to invite foreign investments for railway sector

YANGON—The Ministry of Rail Transportation is now planning to invite foreign investment to carry out major projects for the railways sector, according to the Ministry. The plan, which represents a major shift for the railways sector during the incumbent government, will be implemented in the near future. “We are going to implement a railway transportation […]