Myanmar insurance industry poised for reform, awaits liberalisation

Insurance providers in Myanmar can expect a more competitive and promising landscape on which to do business in the near future. With market liberalisation, which will enable firms to offer a wider variety of insurance products, on the government’s agenda, local and foreign providers alike have already started training staff and building management and IT […]

Building banking depends on trust

More trust is needed to increase the banked population, which languishes at 5 percent of the adult population, according to experts. There are now 798 commercial bank branches in Myanmar – rising to well over 1000 if state-owned bank branches are included – and also 700 ATMs and 2813 point of sale devices as of […]

The great unbanked

The vast unbanked populations of Myanmar deserves to be able to access financial services, according to experts. Although less than 5 percent of the population currently has bank accounts, a roadmap developed under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance is calling for banked rates of over 30pc by 2020. Deputy Minister of Finance U […]