Association vows legal action to fight fake thanaka cosmetics

Action will be taken against fake thanaka cosmetics, which have a large impact on people who rely on the business for their livelihoods, said U Kyaw Moe, chair of the Ayadaw Thanaka Planters and Producers Association, on Tuesday. “We are going to fight against cosmetics marketed under the thanaka name that contain little or no […]

Number of consumer complaints set to double this year: official

The Department of Consumer Affairs says that 80 percent of the complaints it receives from the public is regarding telecommunications service providers. This was revealed by the department’s director U Myint Cho during a press conference earlier this week. There are currently four companies providing telecommunications services in the country: Myanma Posts and Telecommunications, Oredoo, […]

Confusion emerges after foreign liquor ban

At a liquor store in downtown Yangon, bottles of whisky and wine are on display. Upon closer inspection, one soon notices that wines from Argentina to New Zealand are for sale, but only whiskies made locally are available. “Foreign liquors are not on display because we are not allowed to sell them,” the sales assistant […]

Retailers hit with liquor import ban

Liquor retailers are no longer allowed to sell imported brands, as it is a violation of Ministry of Commerce regulations. The ministry hasn’t allowed the import of alcohol, beer and cigarettes, except by duty-free shops and a few high-end hotels, since the days of the military government. However, the General Administration Department under the Ministry […]