Fugitive Myanmar Gold Mining Executive Arrested in Thailand

YANGON—National Prosperity Company (NPC) chair U Soe Tun Shein was arrested in Thailand and extradited to Myanmar on Wednesday after more than a year on the run. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation (MONREC) found in 2018 that NPC had failed to comply with an order, issued the previous year, to suspend its […]

Mongla Official Denies Chinese Firm Permitted to Set Up Autonomous Digital Economic Zone

The general secretary of the rebel-controlled Mongla Special Administrative Region on the Chinese border has denied any knowledge of a Chinese company’s plan to establish an independent political entity within its borders based on an “e-citizenship” system open to all with a digital economy supported by a cryptocurrency. In a program titled “Inside the Crypto […]

Rubber prices have yet to bounce back from two-year slump

Rubber farmers in eastern Shan State are facing an array of hardships as the value of rubber has yet to show any signs of appreciating since it began declining in 2014. “We were issued permits to plant and tap rubber trees, so we are restricted from planting alternative crops to alleviate our woes.  People are […]