Myanmar maps out recovery and reform

The Myanmar government is putting the finishing touches on an ambitious new economic recovery and reform plan. To be announced during the current transition period following the Nov 8 elections, it will be part of the strategic plan for the next five years. The “recovery and reform roadmap” will guide the formation of economic policies […]

Second Myanmar e-governance master plan to include systems for cyber crime, e-payments

The Ministry of Transport and Communications will draft the Myanmar e-Governance Master Plan (2021-2025) to guide the online transition of major public and administrative functions.This will be an updated version of the first Myanmar e-governance plan which was drafted for the period between 2016 and 2020. The Myanmar National Portal, which was included in the […]

‘Some businesses have almost collapsed’: Economic relief plan to address COVID-19 impact

The government has unveiled a range of measures aimed at shielding the economy from the impact of COVID-19 but the package is relatively conservative and more may be needed to sustain struggling businesses.​ By THOMAS KEAN | FRONTIER The government released its COVID-19 Economic Relief Plan yesterday, outlining a suite of measures it plans to […]