‘Going gangbusters’: Digital payments the winner from Myanmar’s pandemic

Every month, grocery store owner Daw Saw Myint earns a little extra cash by arranging to pay the power bills of other residents in her Dawbon Township apartment building. She charges them K500 each – that is, all of them except Daw Ah May, 65, who lives on the sixth floor. Seven months ago, Ah […]

The day in the life of a Yangon food courier

Since last August 20-year old Chit Su Ma worked as a cashier at the fast-food chain Marry Brown. Though she enjoyed the cooking, cleaning and customer service aspects of the job, she was also impressed by the food delivery riders who came to deliver most of their orders throughout the day. Being more of an […]

Restaurant in Yangon revenues fall

Restaurants in the Yangon Region have seen declines in revenue by as much as 50 percent during the second wave of COVID-19, according to the Myanmar Restaurants Association (MRA). “Although restaurants are still open, they still need to cover costs for labour and shop rental fees. Many have remained open to look after their staff,” […]

Delivery app starts service in Yangon

Foodpanda, a mobile food delivery service, will now connect users to over 1,000 restaurants in Yangon. “Foodpanda is a platform that is easy to use. It enables users to order foods easily, and get it delivered to their door. Myanmar will be a vital market for the company,” said foodpanda’s regional CEO for the Asia-Pacific […]

MyanmarCarsDB Pulls Ahead With Frontier Digital’s Investment

Humble founders of digital startups can take heart: Just because a deep-pocketed foreign company plants web stakes in a less developed country doesn’t necessarily spell doom for the little guy. There’s a significant proviso, though, that wasn’t true a decade ago: the first mover startup needs to attract generous angel investors pretty early on. Despite […]