Local fuel price hikes continue

Local fuel prices have increased by over 21 percent in over four months as dollar and global oil prices increase again, according to local petrol stations. On Wednesday in the local market, maximum prices fixed by Myanmar Fuel Oil Importers and Distributers Association were K1,095 for one liter of diesel (K4,978 per gallon), K1,105 for […]

Local fuel prices increase by over 19% in four months

Local fuel prices have increased by over 19 percent over the past four months due to dollar appreciation, according to filling stations. On Monday in local market, maximum prices fixed by Myanmar Oil Importers and Distributors Association were Ks1,075 for one liter of diesel (K4,887 per gallon), K1,085 for one liter of premium diesel (Ks4,932 […]

Myawaddy tourism industry affects due to high rise in fuel prices

Myawaddy- As US dollar price increases, Thai’s Baht had also increased. As a consequence, fuels imported from Thailand were costing higher compare to last month which in turn affected the tourism industry in Myawaddy. Motor vehicles in Myawaddy-Hpa An, Myawaddy-Mawlamyaing and vehicles in entire Myanmar faced difficulties due to soaring fuel prices. “Even though fuel […]

Business Community Counters Gov’t Reasons for Kyat Depreciation

While Myanmar’s government has blamed currency manipulation and the trade war between the United States and China for the record depreciation of the kyat against US dollar, business circles are pointing out the Myanmar government’s mismanagement and the Central Bank of Myanmar’s poor performance. The kyat-dollar exchange rate has increased steeply from 1,344 kyats per […]

Local fuel prices increase by around 11% in three months

Local fuel prices have increased by around 11 percent over the past three months with Ks4,449 for a gallon of 92 Ron octane, 4,674 for 95 Ron, K4,585 for diesel and K4,630 for premium diesel, according to local filling stations. The prices have reached record highs, and they are maximum prices already set by Myanmar […]

Fuel prices, protectionism hobble Myanmar airline industry

Myanmar’s once lucrative airline industry is struggling to stay afloat with many carriers already halving their fares to draw more passengers. A shortage of modern infrastructure and high import bill is driving up the price of jet fuel, making it exceedingly difficult for many local airlines to keep their fleets airborne. Already, the Department of […]