Power plant wastewater causes health problems, water shortages in Tikyit

Wastewater from the coal-fired power plant in Tikyit, Pinlaung Township, Pa-O Self-Administered Region, has been identified as the cause of health problems and drinking water shortages in the area. Edin Power Company Group started operating the coal-fired power plant on March 1. Residents said the coal-fired power plant in Tikyit uses natural purified drinking water, […]

Panasonic to distribute solar lanterns in Myanmar

YANGON—Panasonic will distribute its new solar lantern in Myanmar starting in January. Distribution of the lanterns is aimed at providing off-grid energy solutions to areas with limited electricity in Southeast Asian countries. They will be sold at a price of around Ks 50,000 in supermarkets and grocery shops across Myanmar. The 3.5-watt solar panel and […]

Kawthaung Residents Claim Coal Plant Causes Health Problems

Residents of Kawthaung, a Tenessarim Division town located on Burma’s southernmost tip, are complaining that air pollution caused by a coal-fired plant constructed last year is affecting the health of about 100 people. Nway Nway, a local resident, said the coal plant was located in the town, between Shwepyitha and Ayeyeiknyein quarters, where its emissions […]