Efforts made to control cross-border illegal goods

Smugling of illegal goods, including drugs, through border areas will be strictly controlled with combined inspection teams, said Salai Isac Khim, the Chin State ,minister for Electricity and Industry at a press conference held at the Summit Parkview hotel on 23rd August. “We will make efforts to control the cross-border illegal goods with the state […]

Illegal imports of fertiliser, electronics seized en route from China

More than 1,000 bags of fertiliser and thousands of handsets, TVs, DVDs and other electronics that entered Myanmar illegally from China were seized by a mobile investigation team on January 24. The illegal goods were found in a convoy of 17 trucks coming from China along the Mandalay route. A mobile team seized the illegal […]

Authorities to Rachet Up Inspection to Meet Trade Target

Union minister for commerce U Win Myint said the government will increase trade-route monitoring in Myanmar in hopes of meeting the country’s trade volume targets this fiscal year. Myanmar is aiming to have a trade volume of $25 billion in 2014-15 FY. Starting in July, anti-smuggling mobile enforcement teams has started inspections at Yangon International […]