Imported cars a year older than permitted model to confiscate

Imported cars that are one year older than the permitted model year in 2017 will be confiscated, said an official from the Customs Department. Earlier this year, cars that are a year older than import permit were shipped into Myanmar. The Customs Department allowed the car importers to take their cars after paying fines. After […]

Yangon has seen an increase in number of cars since the country opened up in 2011

Imported Cars with 1800 cc and above engine will be imposed special freight taxes, said Myanmar Customs Department. CIF five per cent is also added to custom duties. Obviously, 1800 cc cars are not meant for all strata of people. Besides, these cars are in low demand at the market. Increasing the tax means the […]

Commerce ministry losing patience with car centre closures

Defunct Yangon car sales centres are causing headaches for the Ministry of Commerce. Businesses are failing to formally report closures, leaving the ministry with an out-of-date registry on which two-thirds of listed sales centres no longer exist. ‘’Among some 190 Yangon sale centers 66 have closed but are still included on the Ministry of Commerce’s […]