NLD government to face tougher challenges in 2018

Among the many countries struggling for democracy, some succeed, some fail, while others slide back after a few measures of success. Myanmar is one of these countries, which recently gained democracy through peaceful reforms and elections but now appears to be sliding back to its old draconian ways. After more than 20-year military rule, the […]

In KIA territory, old casino gets new life as college for Kachin

The one-armed bandits have been replaced by desks. The bar is now a meeting room for academic administrators. And the guys sitting around the poker table are no longer betting on cards but discussing Hobbes’ Leviathan. Or maybe computer science. This is Myen Ju, a former casino now transformed into a university, or as close to […]

Some companies join bid to resume jade mining

About 80 companies are preparing to resume their jade mining business in Phakant, according to the Ministry of Mines. Mining at jade blocks in Phakant were suspended for two years due to the armed conflict, but the government said the mining business would resume by September 1. “We have received 80 applications, including from joint […]

Myitsone Dam Project on Hold, but Far From Dead

Back in September 2011 when President Thein Sein issued a decree ordering that construction of the Myitsone dam “be suspended in the time of our government,” the announcement was met with widespread applause both internationally and at home. The ambitious project, which involves building a 152-meter-tall hydroelectric dam at the confluence of the two rivers […]