Mobile teams find illegal goods

The Ministry of Commerce’s mobile enforcement teams have discovered illegal items in 120 containers this month, as they investigated containers held in port for more than 60 days. Often, the illegal items were smuggled goods like reconditioned cars and roof tiles, hidden behind other products such as textiles and food. Ministry of Commerce director U […]

Smuggling Across Borders With China, Thailand Rising: Minister

YANGON — Minister of Commerce Win Myint has said that the volume of goods being smuggled across Myanmar’s borders with China and Thailand is on the rise, despite recent efforts by authorities to crackdown on the rampant, unregulated trade. “Because of an increase in smuggling the normal trade volume is going down,” Win Myint told […]

One year on, liquor import policy unchanged

In October and December last year, the ministry raided three liquor suppliers, the most high-profile being Quarto Products and Premium Distribution, City Mart’s import and distribution subsidiary. Two other raids found liquor hidden in trucks. Court cases against the companies in question are ongoing. Negotiations with importers are still continuing, with the restrictions on the […]

Inspectors find illegal imports at four ports

Mobile teams inspecting ports for illegal imports have found containers carrying unlicenced goods at four seaports, officials said. Inspections at four ports, including Asia World Port, covered 15,060 containers since the crackdown on illegal trade through ports began on July 2. When the crackdown began officials said the first month would be an “education” period. […]

Authorities to Rachet Up Inspection to Meet Trade Target

Union minister for commerce U Win Myint said the government will increase trade-route monitoring in Myanmar in hopes of meeting the country’s trade volume targets this fiscal year. Myanmar is aiming to have a trade volume of $25 billion in 2014-15 FY. Starting in July, anti-smuggling mobile enforcement teams has started inspections at Yangon International […]

Myanmar cracks down on illegal trade, tax evasion

YANGON: Myanmar is clamping down on illegal trading and tax evasions to better reflect its trade numbers. Over a one-and-a-half-year period, officers confiscated illegal goods worth about US$17 million. Authorities are now expanding their inspections to five international ports and airport in Yangon. This is to make sure that traders are accurately declaring the products […]

Crackdown on illegal imports nets US$18 million

Mobile teams patrolling for illegal trade have seized more than US$18 million in goods over the past year and a half, according to the Central Committee for Preventing and Controlling Illegal Trading. It said 3,391 cases of illegal trade have been transferred to the Customs Department as of June 26. The crackdown on illegal trade […]