What’s new, copycat?

Myanmar’s designers are pinning their hopes on a new copyright law That people wear reveals as much of their personality as the cultural traits of their country. Creators and designers are not only business people making clothes or accessories for a living, but artists embellishing and also chronicling the ways of their own societies. As […]

Fashion designers unite against intellectual property theft

Myanmar’s fashion designers have scaled up their fight against intellectual property theft with the launch of the Fashion Designers Entrepreneur Association on February 2. The Myanmar Fashion Designers Group, an informal group of designers formed in 2009, first applied for registration as an official association with the Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry […]

Mogok prepares to party for 800th birthday

Locals hope celebrations will put the ‘Ruby Land’ on the tourist map. Planning has begun for celebrations of the 800th anniversary of the discovery of gems and subsequent founding of Mogok, a rather auspicious occasion for the city which now produces 90 percent of the world’s rubies. The three-day celebration will take place in Mhone […]