Invitation for Open Tender of Teak & Hardwood, Myanma Timber Enterprise, Audition Date 24,25 and 28 Jan 2019

Myanma timber enterprise will sell teak & hardwood round logs and sawn timbers by open tenders in US Dollars. Particulars of the open tender sales are as follows: a. Date & Time -(24-1-2019) (09:00) A.M Ex-Site Hardwood Log Only (25-1-2019) (09:00) A.M Yangon & Ex-Site  Teak/Hardwood (Log and Conversion) (28-1-2019) (12:00) A.M Yangon Teak Log […]

Rampant timber smuggling in Myanmar as forest service restructures

As Myanmar works to restructure to private sector management of the country’s forestry and timber resources, reports of illegal logging are surging. Until now, a government entity called the Myanma Timber Enterprise (MTE) has been managing forestry resources and overseeing the export of timber products. Myanmar instituted a domestic logging ban from 2016-2017 that forbade […]

MTE to resume timber extraction from Taninthayi mountains

Caption: The Taninthayi mountain range where MTE will resume its timber extraction. Myanma Timber Enterprise will resume its activities to extract 17,000 tonnes of timber from Taninthayi mountain range. The timber will be taken from a protected public forest and forest reserve of Taninthayi mountain range. Some 2,000 tonnes of timber will be extracted from […]