From Asean to Zaw

MANILA, Philippines — Speaking of Pinoy pride, it’s such a joy to find Filipino brands being sold, used and patronized overseas. I remember visiting Papua New Guinea for the first time in 2015 and what did I find in the supermarket? Jack and Jill potato chips and Chippy snacks from URC. On my last visit […]

Telenor Survey Shows Myanmar Women Feel Happy and Optimistic When Using Mobile Phones

A recent Telenor Group survey showed Myanmar women found happiness and optimism as one of their top feelings associated with mobile usage. The survey which was conducted in six countries; Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Sweden and Norway; with a sample of 1,300 professional women aged 25-40 gave interesting insight into the habits and values of […]

Prospect for women in changing Myanmar

Myanmar has undergone huge changes in recent years in an attempt to open the country’s doors to foreign investment and catch up with the increasingly modernised world. Looking at the largest city, Yangon, it is obvious that modernisation is creeping into the country, with multinationals including Mercedes, Chevrolet and Hilton entering the market, with many […]