Thousands of illegal Myanmar migrant workers detained in Thailand since coup

More than 20,000 Myanmar citizens have been detained by Thai authorities for illegally crossing the border into Thailand since last year’s military takeover, according to migrant workers’ rights activists. Tens of thousands of Myanmar nationals have left Myanmar for Thailand either to find jobs amid a post-coup economic downturn in their home country, or to […]

Furloughed Myanmar workers required to get certificates

Furloughed workers from the cut-make-pack (CMP) industries and factories will need to attend and pass CMP skill courses to obtain certificates, said Minister of Labour, Immigration and Population U Thein Swe. The minister said arrangements will be made to provide training for these workers with leaves of absence due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. A […]

Workers at Myanmar Coffee-mix Factory Stalled in Dispute With Management

Protesting Myanmar workers at a coffee-mix factory in the Yangon region are locked in a stalemate with management over wages and other contract terms after representatives from the two sides met for talks on Tuesday, a leader of a workers’ organization said. Representatives for 700 of the Premier brand factory’s total 900 workers and management […]

Myanmar workers may gain from Thai basic wage hike

The Thai tripartite committee, which includes employers, workers and government representatives in Thailand decided on January 17 to add from 5 to 22 baht to the minimum wage, according to the Migrant Workers Rights Network (MWRN) Thursday. “Thailand has no due date for raising salaries. It used to raise wages to reflect the current commodity […]

Thailand: Myanmar workers fight defamation charges in chicken farm case

A group of migrant workers from Myanmar have pledged to fight a landmark case after they were charged in court Wednesday with criminal defamation for accusing a chicken farm that supplies the European Union of mistreatment and labour abuses. The case was triggered by a complaint the 14 workers filed to Thailand’s National Human Rights […]

Myanmar workers in Thailand victims of a broken system

MYAWADDY, Myanmar: With only meagre belongings stuffed into backpacks and duffel bags, tens of thousands of Myanmar migrants have streamed home across the Thai border over the past two weeks. But it is not a joyous homecoming for the truckloads of men and women, who fled Thailand in fear of a new law that hardens […]