Environmental group warns of risk posed by air pollution in Yangon

Air pollution in most locations in Yangon exceed authorised limits, according to the 2018 air quality findings of the environment group Advancing Life and Regenerating Motherland (ALARM). Yangon City should be a starting point to monitor air quality, improve practices and enact air quality management policies, according to ALARM. Air quality measurements were taken in […]

Yangon Regional Government invites Flyover and River over-bridge Tender, closing date: 30th June, 2014

Subscribe to our tender alert mailing list Yangon Regional Government (Invitation for Open Tender) 1. Businessmen are invited for the building of the following arched bridge and over-bridge in Yangon Region for 2014-2015 financial year: a. Myaynigone Junction Arched Bridge – Length of the bridge (650 m), (2132.65′) – Width of the bridge (14.5 m), […]