Muse-Mang Weing land border to open trial 24-hour service from 5 to 14 January 2021

Muse-Mang Weing land border will have 24-hour service between 5 and 14 January on a trial basis amid the strong COVID-19 safety measures. Myanmar primarily exported agricultural products and fisheries to China via the land border. The COVID-19 impacts triggered a trading halt. Among Myanmar-China land borders adjacent to Muse district, Mang Weing, Kyinsankyawt and […]

Myanmar earns about US$3.5 B from natural gas export

Myanmar earned about US$3.5 billion from natural gas export within 11 months in this fiscal year and earned over US$430 million more in the same period in the last fiscal year, said an official from the Ministry of Commerce. Myanmar is producing 3.32 million barrels of crude oil and 623 trillion cubic feet of natural […]

Myanmar earns US$538 M from CMP garment export

Myanmar earned US$538 million from CMP garment export and US$433 million from natural gas export in April and May, according to Ministry of Commerce. Myanmar exported US$2.4 billion worth of products in this period. The CMP garment export also topped the export list in the same period of last year with US$277 million, according to […]