Trump’s latest “visa ban” poses a threat—and an opportunity—to Nigeria’s tech ecosystem

As part of new visa restrictions by the Trump administration, the US will no longer issue immigrant visas to Nigerian applicants. While Nigeria is not the only country affected by the “ban” (Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, and Myanmar will also face similar restrictions while Tanzania and Sudan have been excluded from the United States’ popular visa lottery […]

As Myanmar eats more meat, Sumitomo to sell drugs for livestock

Trader aims for $1 billion in sales of pharmaceuticals for animals TOKYO — Japanese trading house Sumitomo Corp. is set to start selling drugs for animals in Myanmar later in March as part of an effort to enlarge its presence in what it expects to be a lucrative global market for drugs for livestock and […]

Boldly going: the exotic ‘frontier’ markets that intrepid investors are tipping for take-off

It was 15 years ago that academics began to predict a shift in economic power from the old order of developed economies to the newly named “Bric” nations. Ever since, Brazil, Russia, India and China have been regarded as the coming powers, blessed with young populations, fast-urbanising societies and natural resources to fuel rapid growth. But the Bric […]