Singapore Company Targets Off-Grid Rural Households With Affordable Solar Panels

​​ The Singaporean so­lar power company SolarHome has in­troduced its products in Myanmar, targeting the sizeable portion of the country’s population that lives off-grid. Under its Pay As You Go (PAYG) system, custom­ers don’t need to purchase their solar power system outright. Instead they pay off the price in monthly instill­ments that are similar to […]

SolarHome installs PAYG solar system in Myanmar

SolarHome, a fresh new solar company, successfully launched its first product to reach the tremendous potential market in Ayeyarwaddy region. Importing the sustainable Pay As You Go model from from Africa, SolarHome is one of the first successful companies to pioneer this market in Myanmar. In order to enhance the benefits for customers, it aims […]

Ooredoo slashes data charges on PAYG

Ooredoo is making getting online less costly for its Pay As You Go customers, the company announced at an August 30 press event. Starting 6am on August 31, the Qatari telecom will charge Pay As You Go users KY 10 per megabyte, down from KY25 per megabyte. The 30-day promotion, which begins for customers when […]