Grab Launches Premium Rentals [Beta] in Yangon

Grab has introduced a new premium, on-demand and flexible service “Premium Rentals [Beta]” that can be booked on-demand through the Grab App, without the hassle of negotiating calls to tour or transportation companies. The new service allows seating for up to seven passengers to ride in spacious Toyota Alphards with safety features and professional chauffeurs, […]

Mega Ace Cineplex’s new luxury Royal Class

Things are looking up for movie fans in Myanmar, not only with exciting new local productions – aided by the recent Memory Film Festival, and the arrival of international film superstars to our shores – but also for emerging cinema chains. Cinema chains have started offer movie-goers a sense of luxury they’ve never experienced before. […]

New luxury cinema in Yangon

If you’ve been to the cinema you may have enjoyed a good movie – if you weren’t too distracted by the crying baby, the lady in front answering her phone, or teenagers joking and imitating the actors throughout the film. These are common distractions the world over (except maybe for the sunflower seed-eating) when you […]

Myanmar’s first premium cinema opens in Yangon

The first Premium Cinema in Myanmar was opened by JCGV at Level-1 of Junction Square Shopping Centre in Yangon yesterday. The Premium Cinema promises high-definition video and audio experiences that meet international standard. The cinema will play domestic and foreign films, four times a day, from 10am to 6:30pm and will play one extra time […]