Royal Jaggery offers a sweet ‘Made in Myanmar’ product

Kaung Set Naing, founder of 555 Shwe Hintha, thinks Royal Jaggery is just the “Made in Myanmar” product the world has been looking for. Jaggery, a healthier alternative to refined white sugar, is made from toddy palm trees or sugar cane, and its production has long been a cottage industry in Southeast Asia, including Myanmar. […]

Effort to get tax exemption to export garment

Local garment factories are attempting to export their own branded garments, according to the Myanmar Garment Entrepreneurs Association. Currently, local garment factories export their products with the Cut-Make-Pack (CMP) system. “We are unable to export our products with the Free-On-Board (FOB) system. Currently, we are trying to get tax exemption for the FOB system. “We […]

Myanmar Business Matching Service

Myanmar is often a misunderstood market. Many people think that all Myanmar people are poor. In fact our studies have shown that just in Yangon itself there are over 2,000 high income households i.e. people who own and live in own landed property and have a stable of luxury cars. These people usually own multiple […]