More purchase of land plot than that of apartment in Yangon

MOST people are interested in buying real estate instead of buying an apartment in Yangon due to volatility in gold prices and exchange rates, according to U Wunna Tun, a real estate agent. “The US dollar exchange rate is higher than the government’s set rate. In addition, the gold price is more than K 2 […]

Real estate agent still waiting

The property market has warmed up a bit after the election but it will fully recover only after the first quarter of next year, real estate agents said. Currently, some property deals are being carried out with the lower prices, but most people that come to the agents are checking prices but not buying, realtors […]

State of Service Office Business in Yangon 2014

by Kevin Heng Introduction Myanmar, formerly known as Burma: the final frontier of foreign investment. A hitherto untapped market of 60 million in between the 2 most populated countries in the world. Such clichéd terms are often thrown around in any article one comes across when one is researching on how to invest in Myanmar. […]

Skyrocketing real estate prices deter new foreign investment in Myanmar

Skyrocketing real estate prices could deter new foreign investment that enters Myanmar, officials and economic experts warned on Saturday. The construction project of the Yangon-Dala River crossing bridge will be suspended during the current government’s term as commercial real estate booms in urban Yangon, Dala township, President Office Minister U Soe Thein told a press […]

Rich Myanmar people shun Yangon’s property boom to Invest in London

Burma’s richest citizens are taking their money out of the country and investing in upmarket property in London. While foreign investors queue to get into Asia’s so-called “last economic frontier,” millions of dollars are flowing out and into bricks and mortar in the capital of the former colonial rulers, a survey has disclosed. The volume […]

Yangon to build new public housing in new township to benefit Myanmar people

New housing projects are underway in the less-populated new townships of Yangon, according to the regional government. The plan is to build fair valued homes and apartments according to Yangon Regional Project Bill. The bill also said Yangon City Development Committee will develop industrial zones and economic zones in new townships to bring more foreign […]