How can we solve Yangon’s traffic problems?

The chaotic traffic in Yangon appears to worsen every day while attempts to solve the problem remain stuck, placing commuters’ lives and livelihoods in increasingly greater jeopardy. Commuters are forced to waste valuable time in transit. The affects those working in the transportation sector worst of all. Bus line owners complain of the declining the […]

Central Bank Reduces US Dollar Sales to Private Lenders

YANGON — The Central Bank of Myanmar has sharply reduced its sales of US currency to private banks since late October, according to banking industry sources. Since the end of last month, the Central Bank has decreased its sales of US currency by around $3 million per day, in the face of a strengthening US […]

YCDC plans more parking spaces to reduce traffic nightmare

The Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) will continue its efforts to reduce traffic jams in the city by constructing more parking spaces, reviewing the traffic light system in the city, and cracking down on taxis that are not licensed to operate in the city, it said. Previously, it instructed all passenger buses to drive only […]