Central Bank of Myanmar introduces updated clearing and settlement system

Central Bank deputy governor U Soe Min said the institution has introduced a new payment and settlement system called CBM-NET 2 on November 16. The Central Bank of Myanmar, supported by Japan and commercial banks, this week launched the Central Bank of Myanmar Financial Network System 2, an upgraded version from the old system. It […]

What next for Myanmar-West relations?

In business, a strong reputation is rarely guaranteed. Goodwill matters greatly, and must be defended to ensure an organization’s continued success. The same is true for nation-states. Stature is essential in procuring trade, investment, and broader support for one’s economy. Unfortunately for Myanmar, its brand is suffering. Almost five years after international newspapers adorned their […]

The benefits (and risks) of investing in Myanmar

Not all publicity is good publicity. In late 2016, Myanmar made international headlines following reports that the country’s government was engaged in the widespread persecution of its Muslim Rohingya minority. Over the following months, stories of police detention, arson, gang rape and state-authorised murder emerged. Hundreds of thousands fled from Rakhine State in the country’s […]

In Myanmar, Betel Quid Chewing Remains Popular Despite Risks

YANGON, MYANMAR – Wai Htet Aung, age 27, waits for his turn at a crowded betel quid stand in downtown Yangon. Customers have lined up by the table to place their orders. “It’s tasty,” he says. “I have bad breath and I want my mouth to smell better.” The signs of this popular habit are […]

Soilbuild – a small Singapore construction firm that ventured into Myanmar 30 years after its founding

Soilbuild Construction Group took the plunge to expand overseas even though it was fully aware the move offered no guarantees of profit. Its executive director explains why. SINGAPORE: When it comes to ensuring the growth of our local companies, the most common refrain nearly all bosses of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) hear is this: […]

Crop insurance, land reform and investment are essential to Myanmar’s agricultural sector

Q: What is the state of the rice industry in Myanmar? A: The government relaxed its control of the rice industry in 2003. Since FY2012-2013, rice export volume has exceeded one million tons per year. Q: Rice from Myanmar does not meet international standards and fails to sell for good prices in the international market. […]

The entrance of 2 Innovative Agri-Mobile Apps in Myanmar

Agriculture is the largest sector of Myanmar’s economy – a 2015 survey by the Department of Labour found that it is the main job of more than 54% of the working population. Given that mobile phone penetration in Myanmar’s market is so high, it is now possible to transmit useful information to remote farmers. Input […]