Myanmar’s New Gold Mine is Dinosaur Amber

On the discovery of the “Amber hunter” for the discovery of the Jurassic Park-style of the Dinosaurs, through the rocks of precious resin in Myanmar – an attractive business that attracts the paleontologists but in the far north the struggle for decades also fueled. Kachin revolves around the merchants using the Amber Market torch and […]

Myanmar’s United Paints Group adopts modern software system

FPT Information System (FPT IS), together with ACE Data Systems, last month announced the successful implementation of the SAP® Business Allin- One solution for United Paints Group (UPG), the leading paint manufacturer group in Myanmar. UPG is the first local company to use the SAP Business All-in-One solution in Myanmar, an integrated system that allows […]

Myanmar Software Firm Launches SAP to Support Businesses’ Growing IT Demands

Myanmar Information Technology (MIT) announced the launch of a division to tap local organisations’ need to reengineer their business processes, through a partnership with German enterprise software maker SAP. Unlike niche solutions like accounting software, SAP’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) packages provide overall business management functions covering accounting and financials, sales and customer relationship management, […]