Export Marketing & Milling Department invites open tender for selling Teak Logs 7/2015-2016; Closing Date: Oct 26, 2015

Subscribe to our tender alert mailing list Myanma Timber Enterprise will sell Teak Logs by competitive bidding. Particulars of the Open Tender Sales are as follows: Open Tender No: 07/2015-2016 Date & Time 26-10-2015 (13:00)P.M Place: Tawwin Hall (Myanma Timber Enterprise) Gyogone, Insein, Yangon   Quality SG-1, SG-2, SG-4, SG-5   Quantity About (229) Hoppus […]

Interest high in jet fuel tender

Nearly two dozen private companies submitted expressions of interest letters to join a state-owned firm in a joint venture distributing jet fuel, though authorities plan to restrict the tender to international firms only. The successful firm will partner with state-owned Myanmar Petroleum Products Enterprise (MPPE) to import, sell and distribute jet fuel throughout Myanmar. MPPE […]

MTE to sell over 5,000 tonnes of hard wood

Subscribe to our tender alert mailing list The state Myanmar Timber Enterprise (MTE) will be selling over 5,000 tonnes of teak, Tamalan and other raw hardwood by the end of June, according to Ministry of Forestry and Environmental Conservation. The foreign transaction and logging department of MTE will announce a bid for over 1,700 tonnes […]

Myanma Timber Enterprise calls for selling Teak & Hardwood round logs, closing date: 30th June, 2014

Subscribe to our tender alert mailing list Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry Myanma Timber Enterprise Export Marketing & Milling Department Invitation for Open Tender 1. Myanma Timber Enterprise will sell Teak & Hardwood round logs and sawn timbers by open tenders in US dollars. Particulars of the open tender sales are as follows: (a) […]

Myanma Timber Enterprise: Bid Announcement of Wood Logs Sale, Closing Date: 8th May, 2014

Subscribe to our tender alert mailing list Myanma Timber Enterprise Local Marketing & Milling Department 1/2014-2015 Bid Announcement of Wood Logs Sale 1. Local Marketing & Milling Department, Myanma Timber Enterprise shall sell local use wood log raw material with bidding system as follows; a. Date & time – 8-5-2014, 10 am (Thursday) b. Selling […]

Govt to spend US$16 M to generate electricity from trash-fired power plants

Government is planning to buy trash-fired power plants to produce electricity with a loan from Japan, Yangon Mayor Hla Myint said in Yangon region parliament session on Thursday. The plants will cost US$16 million and government will get an US$8 million loan from Japan. Yangon City Development Council (YCDC) will provide the rest. The incineration […]