Low-cost apartments in Dagon Seikkan and Hlaingthaya to be sold at the end of July

A TOTAL of 2,200 low-cost apartments in Yuzana estate, Dagon Seikkan Township and Shwe Lin Pan Industrial Zone in Hlaingthaya Township will be sold at the end of July, with a price of around K12 million per apartment, it has been learned from the Department of Human Settlement and Housing Development. Seventy per cent of […]

Budget falls well short of low-cost housing needs

The budget for building affordable housing over the coming year will cover just a fraction of Yangon’s housing requirements, while low-cost housing units remain too expensive for those most in need of accommodation. In the coming fiscal year, the government has been granted K46 billion to build rental housing nationwide, which will cover the cost […]

Myanmar emphasis on productivity

MANUFACTURERS in Myanmar have been told to shift their focus to productivity, following the government’s approval of the country first minimum wage last week, said industry players. Aung Thein, vice chairman of the Myanmar Industries Association (MIA) and managing director of Nibban Electronics, said in an exclusive interview that Myanmar was still competitive in comparison […]

Foreign investments in garment industry on the rise in Myanmar

Some foreign countries such as China, Hong Kong , French, Singapore and Japan will operate garment industry including rice and other agricultural with Cutting, Making and Packing(CMP) system in Myanmar, according to Foreign Investment Law. A Chinese companies such as Jiangsu Solamoda Garments Group Co;Ltd and Dong Fang Star Garment Factory Ltd will carry out […]