Myanmar Garment Factory Closes As COVID-19 Cuts Supplies

PATHEIN, Ayeyarwady Region—The coronavirus outbreak in China has forced a garment factory in Ayeyarwady Region to close suddenly, leaving all its workers jobless. A few months ago, the factory was busy and the employees complained about forced overtime on weekends and public holidays. Nearly 1,000 employees at Hua Meng Garment Factory in Kangyidaunt Township were […]

Myanmar Authorities Close Thai Border, Thousands Unable to Work at Textile Factories

Thousands of Myanmar textile workers on the Thai-Myanmar border in Three Pagodas Pass, Karen State have been unable to go to work at factories in Thailand due to a dispute between the countries’ border authorities. “For the workers, they do not have monthly salaries, so how can they survive?” asked U Tin Myo Oo, a […]

Myanmar emphasis on productivity

MANUFACTURERS in Myanmar have been told to shift their focus to productivity, following the government’s approval of the country first minimum wage last week, said industry players. Aung Thein, vice chairman of the Myanmar Industries Association (MIA) and managing director of Nibban Electronics, said in an exclusive interview that Myanmar was still competitive in comparison […]