Planters of traditional crop thanaka hope to see turnaround

Despite the popularity of local and foreign-made thanaka-based cosmetics products, growers of the crop are troubled by low prices, say growers and producers. Thanaka is a yellowish-white cosmetic paste made from ground bark that is widely popular in Myanmar and can be commonly seen on the faces of women and also some men in the […]

Traditional Myanmar cosmetic aims for Cultural Heritage List

Thanaka – that yellowish paste that Myanmar people of all ages, men and women alike, have smeared on their face for centuries – will be proposed for UNESCO Cultural Heritage listing, according to a government plan. The cosmetic, made from ground tree bark, emits a fragrant scent similar to sandalwood, cools the skin and provides […]

What’s new, copycat?

Myanmar’s designers are pinning their hopes on a new copyright law That people wear reveals as much of their personality as the cultural traits of their country. Creators and designers are not only business people making clothes or accessories for a living, but artists embellishing and also chronicling the ways of their own societies. As […]

Traditional Myanmar Face Paste Now Cool in Thailand

BANGKOK — A traditional skincare ingredient has taken a seldom-traveled road — from Myanmar to Thailand. It is rare for a Myanmar trend to cross the Thai border. But thanaka has found its way and taken hold of at least two cosmetics makers in the kingdom. Thanaka is a traditional paste made from ground bark […]

Myanmar’s Traditional Fashion Choices Endure

YANGON— The sartorial choices of Myanmar’s men and women quickly catch the eye of any visitor to this tropical Southeast Asian country. Most girls and women, irrespective of age, adorn their cheeks with a distinctive yellowish-white paste, called thanaka. Boys and men also sometimes apply the cosmetic made from ground bark but they mostly stand […]