White jute becomes new export item

Gum of Sterculia versicolor has been used across the world for some 100 years. In early 20th Century, Sterculia versicolor gum was used on a wider scale due to ingredient of it in tragacanth gum. Sterculia versicolor gum contains usable chemical properties more than tragacanth gum. The World Food Organization recognized Sterculia versicolor gum as […]

Fashion designers unite against intellectual property theft

Myanmar’s fashion designers have scaled up their fight against intellectual property theft with the launch of the Fashion Designers Entrepreneur Association on February 2. The Myanmar Fashion Designers Group, an informal group of designers formed in 2009, first applied for registration as an official association with the Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry […]

Myanmar Exports Seek Their Own, Unique, Identifying Barcode in the Vast World of Retail Products

Companies wish­ing to export their products will be­gin applying to Belgium-based global barcode as­sociation, GS1, for their country specific bar code by the end of the year. With the assistance of the Myanmar Barcode Association, companies with international ambi­tions are applying for this unique, but universally recognized barcode, to identify their product as “Made in […]

Thanakha: Scent of a nation

Since ancient times, Myanmar people have been rubbing thanakha paste on their faces as an effective shield against the sun’s harmful rays. The yellow facial cream produced from ground thanakha bark is a much-touted beauty secret deeply ingrained in the Myanmar culture. Men also wear it quite unconsciously. Thanakha trees can be found in places […]