Tourist Arrivals Reach 2.9 Million Last Year

​​ In 2016 there were tourist arrivals of around 2.9 million, down about 1.5 million compared to 2015, said Minister for Hotels and Tourism Ohn Maung. By contrast, Thailand expects around 30 million visitors a year. The ministry only recorded visitors entering with tourist, entry and businesses visas. The falling numbers were because the ministry had excluded foreigners using the land borders, he added. Day trippers were not counted as tourists, the […]

CLMVT Forum discusses single visa system

Participants at the CLMVT Forum 2016 discussed matters related to the adoption of a single visa for Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand, said Union Minister for Hotels and Tourism Ohn Maung in a press conference on the forum on Sunday. The forum took place in Bangkok, Thailand, from June 16 to 18. “The forum […]