Taninthayi government to confiscate over 300,000 acres of land

Taninthayi region government will confiscate over 300,000 acres of fallow and virgin land, it is learnt. The Regional government have scrutinised and found 374,743.86 acres of land uncultivated. The forestry department has already confiscated 364,870.63 acres out of 374,743.86 acres of unused land. The regional government will receive the land confiscated by the forestry department, […]

Tanintharyi tightens mining oversight

The local government in Myanmar’s southernmost region has said it will not issue any new mining licences until environmental concerns and controversies have been resolved at operational mines in the resource-rich area. A number of mining projects in Tanintharyi Region have long been opposed by local residents who have accused their operators of polluting water […]